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About our ebook

Our goal is to help your brand keep up with growing expectations by showcasing the best ways to captivate digital-forward customers on social media. 

So read on to learn how you can implement social selling in your brand’s digital ecosystem, including the latest integrations that are engaging customers and real examples of success that are helping more brands increase their conversion rates online.

"We are living in a time of change, and it has undoubtedly brought many negative consequences for our entire community; but like any crisis, it has also introduced a set of unparalleled opportunities to be embraced."

Mariano Gomide de Faria

Founder and co-CEO of VTEX

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"With a well-applied social selling strategy, we can serve a large number of customers while delivering a personalized experience. In this ebook, we will see interesting cases such as Walmart & TikTok, TAF & Photoslurp, LuLuLemon & IGTV, Glossier & Pinterest. It’s worth noting how different platforms can require different strategies, and here we’ll get a variety of cases to prove that."

Natalia Zuca

Global Authority Unit Strategic Director at VTEX