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2022 VTEX Marketplace Release

Create your promotions in a faster, simpler and organized way.

Go deeper on your sales numbers

Easy to use, there is no need to be a data expert to extract knowledge from it.

Promptly gain visibility and extract insights from main sales indicators to start acting upon them quickly with the Sales Performance Dashboard.

Ready to run your world of commerce on VTEX?

Las soluciones que se presentan en la siguiente lista se lanzarán exclusivamente en el nuevo Admin VTEX.

Efficiently manage multiple sellers from a brand-new interface

Explore key capabilities redesigned from scratch and manage all your commerce activities in one place

Focus on what matters

Getting work done has never been faster and easier with a simple and consistent user experience for all your commerce management tasks.

Make smarter decisions

Gain a single view of your business and enjoy new sales performance analytics for all the data you need to monitor the health of your business and make better decisions.

Perks of a complete platform


From digital stores to marketplace integrations, and managing orders across multiple channels, execute all your commerce tasks in one place.

Future redesign to up-level your business management


Create and update products, brands and categories more easily through the new Catalog flow, while performing bulk actions directly on the platform.

Promotions Listing

Manage a high volume of orders and access all their information in a single place. From status to invoicing, easily follow up on an order with a fresh UI.

Benefíciate de una plataforma completa

Desde las tiendas digitales a los marketplaces, pasando por la gestión de pedidos a través de múltiples canales, realiza todas tus tareas de comercio en un solo lugar.

Gestión de pedidos

Rediseño del catálogo


Rapidly implement B2C and B2B experiences

Storefront conversion

Increase sales with an AI-powered search engine and one-click checkout.

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Conozca Más

Obtenga más información sobre la Plataforma VTEX y conozca las funcionalidades capaces de optimizar sus operaciones y aumentar sus ventas.

A complete solution for your omnichannel strategy

B2C and B2B Commerce Platform

Conversational Commerce

Live Shopping

Order Management System

Marketplace and Seller Management

Go deeper on Omnichannel

Learn fulfillment strategies for omnichannel retail

Explore omnichannel possibilities with three strategies that leverage physical stores to fulfill online orders. 


5 omnichannel lessons for fashion enterprises

Find out lessons learned from fashion retailers when implementing an omnichannel solution. 

The omnichannel challenges in the frozen food industry

Discover how Swift (JBS) improved the customer's journey experience with the VTEX Omnichannel solution. 


Your brand-new seller management experience

VTEX Digital Commerce Platform

Storefront design & content management

Rapidly build your storefront and manage your digital shopping experience with our no-code CMS.

Advanced B2C capabilities

Run multi-region and multi-currency experiences with advanced catalogue, pricing and promotions. Track sales performance with native analytics tools.

Simplify B2B operations

Build purchase flows tailored for your business with features designed specifically for B2B commerce, like account management, quoting, customer specific pricing and more.


Introducing Seller Portal, a more efficient and cost-effective way to connect and onboard sellers. Even if they don't have a commerce platform.

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Seller onboarding made easy

Invite and connect new sellers with just a few clicks

Let sellers upload products and define pricing, inventory and logistics information

Allow sellers to keep track of orders received and accelerate fulfillment

Build and deliver unique tools and experiences depending on each seller's use case

With Offer Management, sellers can track, send and synchronize their offers across VTEX marketplaces and some external ones

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Empower sellers and boost your sales

Keep track of offer information, such as sales channel, price, inventory and status

Identify and fix catalog synchronization errors quickly

Search and export offers according to specific filters

Get in-depth insights from the interaction history of each offer

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What our customers are saying

Hundreds of VTEX customers already benefit from our marketplace solution

Learn all about our marketplace capabilities

The VTEX Commerce Platform has native commerce, marketplace and order management capabilities in a single solution. Watch the marketplace demo video or access our website for more information.

Run powerful marketplace experiences with VTEX

Pause or activate sellers in bulk

Add and edit sellers more quickly, with a better experience

Track pending offers of each seller

Create groups of sellers to streamline management and performance tracking

Filter and search for sellers based on type, group or status

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