In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, more companies are turning to online marketplace models to grow their business. From establishing new revenue streams to breaking into new markets to defending against competitors – business leaders are thinking beyond traditional ecommerce approaches. By participating in and launching their own online marketplace organizations can explore new ways to deliver sustainable business success.

Building a Digital Strategy for the Marketplace Era

The impact marketplaces have on the customer experience

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Jon Panella, Group VP for Customer Experience Platforms at Publicis Sapient, shares how to create those better customer relationships.

How customer-centricity unlocks the power of the marketplace

George Chang, Executive Marketplace Analyst at VTEX discusses the importance of having a customer-centric viewpoint. 

With every technology challenge comes opportunity for growth

Jon Panella, Group VP for Customer Experience Platforms at Publicis Sapient, addresses the biggest business challenge today. 

The world's largest brands rely on VTEX to power digital commerce.

For more insights on launching your own marketplace and capturing your billion-dollar opportunity, download our episode with B2B ecommerce expert, Brian Beck and J.J. Keller ecommerce executive, Adrienne Hartman and listen as they candidly discuss how to navigate a digital-first way of selling goods and services.